The business venture for Nijo Yard Supplies Plus started in April of 2009 in Swift Current SK, a desire in the hearts of this husband and wife team began. The name of the business was taken from the names of the owners, Nicky and Joel Cyrenne. This partnership departed them from their home of 15yrs in Pense SK and also took them a little further away from their children, grandchildren, family and friends, but to start a dream that has been with them for many years was worth the move.

Our Mission

This couple loves to sit outdoors and watch the sun come up in the morning and set in the evening. Landscaping is a big part of feeling at rest and peace when looking at what was created in life for us to enjoy. Having access to be able to sit, lay or just stand in any area of your yard and feel relaxed is the desire from this couple to create for every person who also desires it.

As the venture started choices of suppliers needed to be made and wow the supplies are numberless. So what products did Swift Current not have and which company would have the greatest selection for the needs of the community and people. Joel and Nicky’s desire was to have quality products with top quality customer service. As they searched they took some advice, knowledge, and guidance from the owner of D&J PavingStones Plus Ltd in Regina and the choice was clear to choose BARKMAN CONCRETE as the main supplier for the landscaping products sold at NIJO. This is how the ventures of Nijo Yard Supplies Plus began and as the company grows our selection for your landscaping need will grow.

The Business is located 4 km East of Swift Current on the #1 Highway, it has 7 acres of land to fill with items to help your landscaping projects. Stop out today to visit and see the products Nijo has to help build your DECOR, WALLS AND floors  for the outdoors.


Our Story

is your dream yard complete? if not! let us help.

our Story